Land Verification Search refers to the provision of specific information and history about a particular property and surrounding areas for buyers & sellers. .

The main purpose of a land search is to determine the real owner of a property & its authenticity, whether or not it is government acquisition free to protect buyers from unfortunate incident that could prevent them the use and enjoyment of the property.

Lagos State Bureau of Land Alausa (Ministry of Land) is the body responsible for all land records and land matters in Lagos, Nigeria.

However, many people think searches are conducted in Ministry of Lands in all states alone, but there are places searches can be conducted. This also depends on the location and the title documents one possess.

You can conduct a search in the following places

#Ministry of Lands
#Deed Registry
#National Inland Waterway Devpt. Authority
#Surveyors General Office
#New Town Development Authority
#Probate Registry of the High Court
#and a host of others .

Do you have a land or house you want to carry out due diligence on?

Why is Land verification important?

Have you every gotten a land before, only to find out the land belongs to someone else? How were you able to salvage the situation?

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