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10 Real Estate Investment Lessons to Learn From Banky W.

In this post you’ll learn how tailoring your life choices to your goals can make you become rich by investing in Real Estate…

How people value depreciating asset more than appreciating asset, just to make their friends feels that they are doing better.

Why not invest in your future first before you starts impressing your colleagues. Those who delay and value depreciating asset wish they did earlier.

Nigerian Celebrity music super-star, Banky W was on the receiving end of a lady’s mockery on social media for driving an old model of a range rover sports car in spite of his celebrity status. The viral video drew much reactions on social media, and Banky has now responded. Investing in Real Estate is better than buying luxuries cars and parking it on a rented apartment.

1. Owning your dream home is better than owning a dream car

“I’ve never found it necessary to own more than one car. Mostly because I can only ever drive one car at a time; and when I bought the car in 2011, I promised myself that I would never buy another car until I owned the home I live in.”


2. Owning a nice car doesn’t mean you’re okay, owning your dream home does –

“Owning a nice car might help me look like I was doing okay, but owning a nice home would help me know.”

3. Never buy an expensive car unless you own the house you park it in

“The way my mind is set up…what good is owning a Rolls Royce, if I’m STILL PAYING RENT ON THE HOUSE I PARK IT IN?“

4. Follow your heart, not what people say

“Not until I own my house”

5. Greatness is in living for others, failure is living for yourself

“True greatness and success shouldn’t just be measured by what you are able to get… but also by what you are able to give.”

6. Cut your budget just to help people, even if it means depriving yourself of the fine things you can live without –

“While driving my very-old car the last few years, I’ve spent a lot of my time giving to the people around me and giving back to society to the best of my ability.”

7. Need something so bad? Sell what you have to get what you need!

“The 2008 Range is up for auction. We’re using the car sale to raise money for a worthy cause, so we’ll start the bidding at one million naira only.”

8. Buying Real Estate is investing for your children’s future inheritance –

“The cars we are getting are relatively new this year, but the way my mind is set up, we will probably drive them for as long as possible, until we have secured a hell of a lot more real estate for them to inherit.”

9. All great men have this one thing in common –

“Warren Buffet drives a Cadillac he bought about 7 years ago. Mark Zuckerberg drives an Acura valued at about $30k. Alice Walton (the world’s wealthiest woman) drives a Ford F150. Ikea’s founder, Ingvar Kamprad, drove a 1993 Volvo for over 20 years until someone convinced him that driving at 91 was too dangerous.”

10. Be like Banky W – Buy Real Estate!

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